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the Party's code

Le 20 juin 2016, 10:14 dans Humeurs 0

 The top discipline watchdog of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Friday named officials penalized for failing to properly tackle the wrongdoings of subordinates.

According to the website of the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI), a number of officials have received punishments, including official warnings, removal from office, or reduction in benefits, for improperly handling their subordinates' violations of the law and of the Party's code of conducts.

The violations publicized included bribery, embezzlement, travel at public expenses, and gift giving with public money, among others.

In a notice, the CCDI urged leading officials at various levels to perform their duties in strictly governing the Party, while calling for strengthening oversight over Party members and cadres, and resolutely punishing wrongdoings of any kind.

sang at his bedside

Le 24 mai 2016, 04:57 dans Humeurs 0

At the end of seven years she was given the iron shoes Beauty Box. She climbed the glass hill, and came to an old washerwoman's cottage. The washerwoman told of a gallant young knight who had given her some blood stained shirts to be washed. He said that she who washed his shirts clean would be his bride.

  The old wife had washed and washed until she was tired, and then she had et her daughter to it. They had both washed, and washed, and washed, in hope of winning the young knight: but do what they might, they had not been able to take out a single stain.

  So they set the stranger lass to work and, as soon as she began, the stains came out, leaving the shirts clean and white Beauty Box. But the old wife told the knight that her daughter had washed the shirts.

  So the young knight and the washer-woman's daughter were to be married. The stranger lass was distracted by the thought of it, for she had recognized the knight at once. It was he she had known as the Black Bull. Then she remembered her apple, and breaking it open, she found it full of precious gold and precious jewelry, the richest she had ever seen.

  "All these," she said to the washer-woman's daughter, "I will give you, if you put off your marriage for one day, and allow me to go into his room alone tonight.'

  The daughter agreed but told her mother, who prepared a sleeping draught and gave it to the knight Beauty Box. He drank it, and slept until the next morning. All night long the poor lass wept and sang at his bedside

the family looked forward

Le 11 mai 2016, 05:51 dans Humeurs 0

The door swung open and it was Rachel's father. Entering in a puff of dust seo company hong kong, he coughed and wiped his forehead. "Mighty hot day out there."

  "Well, I've got ale for you and flatbread too," replied his wife. She rose from the sewing machine and began setting the table as her husband eased himself into a chair.

  "I know. I could smell it from outside. Smelled so good I came in early. What else have you all been up to while I was clearing rows with Molly and Bell?"

  "Rachel's done with her quilt."

  "Oh?" Rachel's father turned to look as his older daughter proudly showed off her masterpiece thermage. It was a cheerful blooming of color with stitches outlining the squares.

  "That's a mighty fine piece of work." He nodded. "How 'bout us going into town this Saturday. You can show off your quilt, your mother can take her flatbread, and I've got a bushel of onions ready."

  The young children whooped excitedly and Michael, the boy, began dancing around the room, lifting his knees and clapping. There was reason for jubilation. The 20-mile trip to t

  own in the buckboard was a once-a-month affair to which everyone in the family looked forward.

  The town of Wausa, Nebraska was not unlike other little towns that had sprung up to welcome the pioneers. It was a mix of old and new buildings with wood plank sidewalks and a wide main street of dirt to accommodate trains of oxen. In one of the newer buildings was the general store. Guarding the door was a wooden Indian and next to it hung a bird cage Woven Labels. The family stopped for a moment to look at the yellow bird inside.

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